Friday, January 27, 2012

A little sweet baby or elf arrive I get a magic moment....

There it is this is finish what a experience explore new way to sculpt, resolve trouble... Get new idea ... there what I found here with great exeptional sculptor or crafting artist!  me heart was warm... In spite of the disease I a little get better now but tire forced  me  revise my priorities... family, sleep, get out, new way to eat better to become a energizer lol! Sorry to take so long to come back. (person who know me already know it's my style to desapear ...

But there were are there is my beautifull efl or baby girl so well reborn by all of you Diane,audrey,Carolyn,Sandra,joan  what a great artist you are!!! so much detail and attention!! thank for little extra gift :) 

(gummis princess) my child love it!! ;)

Thank again!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

The sweetest, baby Bear arrived in Zephyrhill, Fla and wanted to stay and enjoy some sunshine, But, we decided we best get some thing added to her wardrobe and get her on her way, so she could get back to her Mommie, before Christmas....

 I decided this dainty little girl, needed somthing Handmade, so got out the crochet hook and some pretty pink crochet thread, and proceeded to make her a new outfit....What a well behaved baby bear....Wonderfully mannered, and so happy to be getting a new outfit.   She sat very still, let me measure her, and crochet her an adorable outfit,....The pink looks so cute on her also.....Once we finished her outfit, and got her dressed in it....We sent her off to Auntie Audrey, who will send her on to Mommie Carolyn, as soon as she gets spoiled some more.....Have fun with her, Auntie Audrey....She is so sweet....Hugs,
Auntie Joanie....

Baby Dragonette Gets A Make-Over

Baby Dragonette needed some redoing as the long traveling took a tole on the clay she was made with. But not to worry Mommy she is well and full of herself. Such a loving and happy Baby Dragonette !

 She just loves everyone and she is well loved right back. She needed that old sticky paint that never dried taken off and a brand new shiny and glittery gold paint put on. She really seemed to enjoy the Her eyes and nose had begun to crumble so she got a "nose job" and had her eyes "done". Next was her neck and them I gave her some hands and feet with piggy nails painted pink. I gave her a new flesh colored body also. 

Dragonette needed a baby friend in an egg since she has her own BIG egg she has a little friend that is not ready to come out of her egg yet. 
Then for fun I made her a rocking dragon to ride on and she so enjoys it. 

And a special little wishing dragon holding a globe. 
She or Mommy can make a wish and rub the tiny dragon globe and wait for their wishes to come true. Aunt Diane gave her a cute and bright outfit that says BERRY CUTE on the top and poke-s-dot pants.
I put some candy for Mommy in the satin Christmas stocking and then all went into the travel purse I made for her along with a post card from PA with a list of her gifts from me. So she got all packed up and hopefully will have a safe travel home for CHRISTMAS !

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cynthia's Little Elf visited Washington

Cynthia's darling little elf came to visit me in Washington! What a sweetie she is! She had been having so much fun with all of her Aunties, and had so many stories to tell!
We usually put up our Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving, and Little Elf thought that was so much fun! She loved the smell of the fresh trees that are grown here and shipped all over the world! Since she is in the Evergreen state...I thought it would be fun to send her home with her own little "Evergreen".
Then we hung up our stockings for Santa, and I wanted to make sure that she had a matching stocking. Before she left I had to fill her stocking with a candy cane, and a teddy bear. That way she had something to snack on and snuggle with on her way home. She said she was going to sleep in her sleigh on Christmas Eve and wait for Santa!
We had so much fun, and I will miss her! She is out visiting her Auntie Carolyn in Michigan, and I know she will have a great time!
Travel safely "Little One"! I wish you safe travels home with hugs from your Auntie Audrey!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

 Baby Choe Kitten was so good today..She let me measure her and finish  her little outfit..A dress, diaper and booties..She is ready to travel on...I am now working on the Little bear..I am so happy to have been able to see them in person..They are much more wonderful in person..I love them...

 She also is very happy, with her new chair, also...She looks like a little queen sitting in it...She has been very happy with her Auntie Joanie, but, now, I will pack here up, and send her on to her Mommie.....

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Audrey's Little One-Chloe Kitten

I made Kitten a pretty fancy angel outfit complete with pearl and bow trimmed wings which can easily removed. They just slip down the back of the outfit.
I made a happy pink polymer and curly kitty playmate for her too.
Both said they were hungry so I made a big dish of polymer orange fish crackers.
Then Chloe wanted to take a nap on the Hello Kitty blanket I made for her.
She snuggled her face into her Hello Kitty Pillow Pal I made to match.
After her nap Pinky wanted to play again. In the last photo you can see Chloe's Christmas Stocking with some candy in it for her Mommy. She got some candy in a Hello Kitty Tin also. And of course she had to have a decorated travel purse to hold all her goodies during her travels. In the last photo you can see Chloe's Christmas Stocking with some candy in it for her Mommy.
What a sweet Kitten she is. I hated to see her leave. But she will have so much fun visiting her other Aunts. So after lots of hugs and kisses she was on her way to Aunt Sandra's. Safe travel sweety pie. Hugs, Aunt Diane K

Our Little Angel Is Bundled UP And On Her Way To Canada And Then On Home!

Diane's sweet little one is on her last leg of her she goes to Canada and then on home for Christmas.
What a little darling she is.  She looked so cute in her blue dress made by Auntie Joan.  But here in Michigan, this little sweetie got very cold.  You know how cold it gets in Michigan.  Rain, snow, ice, wind and low temperatures!  So Auntie Carolyn had to dress this tiny one up in a knitted Cream Snowsuit with matching booties and a tiny bonnet.

 She also needed a pink terry blanket.  She looked so cute all bundled up.

 We cuddled up together and did a lot of hugging and rocking in my glider rocker....what fun we had.  This little one is such a dainty little angel!  We were reading books and magazines a lot too.

 She saw a fashion topper that was silk ribbons and jewels and she loved it.  Well, Auntie Carolyn knew it was just meant for she has a Frilly Dilly Jeweled Pink Angel Topper to go with her Cream Snowsuit.

With a few hugs and many kisses, Auntie Carolyn packed up this little one and her things and she is on her way to Auntie Cynthia.....keep an eye out for her!!!